Chandelier Series

Freed Painting is about liberating paint from the canvas surface so it can exist in three-dimensional space.  Slowly, as I evolve and progress with the process, paint is moving away from the wall, projecting itself further and further out into space with series like the Of Heaven and Earth Series and the Levels Series.  Now, with the Chandelier Series, paint cuts all ties with the wall and exists in open space.  The paintings of the Chandelier Series hang from the ceiling and are viewed in the round, 360 degrees of viewing. 

The Chandelier Series combines innovation and beauty to produce paintings that have never existed before.  The acrylic mediums render crystal like effects making the paintings sumptuous visual experiences.  The ability to walk around each painting provides viewers with unprecedented access and opportunity to enjoy paintings in a new way. 

I am reminded of Dale Chihuly’s glass chandeliers that he hung over a number of canals in Venice, Italy.  The combination of brilliance and fragility stood out to me juxtaposed against the ancient architecture of Venice.  My Chandelier paintings are more durable than Chihuly’s glasswork, but they possess the same glimmer and brilliance that dazzles the eye and ignites the imagination.

Chandelier #1

The Freed paintings of the Chandelier Series are like parachutists, leaving the confines of the wall to attain greater freedom out in open space.

Chandelier #1 combines transparent gloss medium with transparent crimson and purple hues along with smatterings of orange and green to create a visual symphony of color and light that delights the eyes and sparks the imagination.

Hanging in open space I am reminded of the many crystal chandeliers I have seen in opulent hotels and historic buildings, drawing your eyes upward, commanding attention. Crystal chandeliers are audacious and expressive, asserting themselves on the space they inhabit. My Chandelier paintings possess that same energy. This is Freed painting at the height of its power.

Painting completed 3-15-22

Painting dimensions: H: 56” X W: 24” X D: 24”

Chandelier #2

I can’t believe it has been over a year since I produced my first Chandelier Freed painting.  It was a joy returning to this format.

Chandelier #2 takes full advantage of the “stained glass” effect when light passes through it and the glossy transparent medium used to produce the piece duplicates the crystalline dazzle of glass making for an eye catching work of art.  

I can see this piece hanging in the atrium of an ornate building.  A painting of a whole new kind.  Gracing the open space in which it resides.

Painting completed 8-5-23

Painting dimensions: H: 69″ X W: 25″ X D: 25″

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