Unspoken Reality

Let’s face it, right now is not a good time to be a white, hetero-sexual male in the Arts and Entertainment industries in America.  The current unspoken reality is that the white, hetero-sexual male is the symbol of oppression and should suffer the same injustice and marginalization that minorities have endured.  White people who became rich exploiting the hard work of minorities are exorcizing their guilt by buying art produced by minority artists.

I grew up in South America in the 1960’s, so I did not experience the racist strife that swept through the US at that time.  I have always believed that the most qualified person should hold any particular job/position, regardless of race, sex, political affiliation, or religious belief.  Unfortunately, throughout history, men in power have not shared that same view and as a result, human society is infected by judgement and segregation based on fear and ignorance.

I applaud the progress being made with regard to race, sexual orientation, and gender identity, but not at the expense of having my voice silenced.  I don’t care what happens to me, but my work, some of the most innovative paintings being produced, should not suffer the sins of the past.  Unfortunately, me and my paintings are inseparable, so both suffer the indignation of storage in a locker while work that is only interesting because it was made by an African woman or transgender artist is given wall space.

I am making paintings that redefine what a painting can be and am expanding and advancing the field of Fine Art painting.  My paintings should not be ignored!

Maybe I should change my name to Hasan Alawunga and see what happens. . .

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