Bliss Series

“Follow your bliss”.  Joseph Campbell


My bliss is my Freed Painting.  These past four years have brought me challenges and joy.  There are times when I complete a painting and am not quite sure what I am looking at, because it is nothing I have seen before.  I feel a sense of elation and enthusiasm to keep working and see what else comes.

I am excited about this time in my life.  It is a time of transition in my work.  The Levels Series and Of Heaven and Earth Series paintings moved paint away from the wall and projected it out into space.  Now, along with the Chandelier Series, I am pleased to present the Bliss Series.  These paintings leave the wall completely and hang in the middle of the room. . . Paint, suspended, hovering in space, almost levitating.  Have you ever looked at a tree and through an opening, seen the leaves on the other side of the tree?  This experience of physical depth is inherent in these paintings.  This is Freed Painting at the height of its power.

The Freed paintings of the Bliss Series are intended to be viewed in the round, 360 degrees of viewing.  The concepts of “front” and back” no longer apply.  A circumferential perspective must be brought when considering/appreciating these paintings.  This is new and exciting for viewers and for the Art World. 

Welcome to my Bliss Series.  Enjoy!

Bliss #1

Bliss #1 is made up of yellow and orange strands on one side and blue and green strands on the other.  There is no “front” of “back” to this painting.  The painting is meant to be circumnavigated and considered in its whole.  This is a whole new way of experiencing a painting.

Painting completed 8-8-22

Painting dimensions: H: 72″ X W: 72″ Approximately

Please view the YouTube video link here to see a walk around description of the painting:

Bliss #2 (Spectrum)

Reminiscent of my 2019 Freed painting entitled Spectrum, this second in my Bliss Series of Freed paintings also explores the color spectrum, but in a different way.  This painting uses the quality of transparency to highlight varying densities of color.  Never becoming fully opaque, light passes through the varying colors of the painting making it appear almost like a stained-glass window.  It makes for a unique and innovative viewing experience for the audience, especially when there is 360 degrees of accessibility.  With no front or back, viewers can walk around and appreciate this painting in ways not previously possible.

Painting completed 9-20-22

Painting dimensions:  H: 72” X W: 72”

Please visit this YouTube video link to see a walk around description of this painting: