Levels Series

Much like the Of Heaven and Earth Series, the Levels Series of Freed paintings project paint out into the three-dimensional world.  Each painting in the series possesses physical depth, volume, and dimension, but is expressed in a different way.  As where the paintings in the Of Heaven and Earth Series are made up of geometric shapes, the Levels Series paintings are explorations of paint/color combinations floating in space at varying levels/distances from the wall, playing off one another to create larger unified compositions. 

Walking around a Levels Series painting is disorienting.  You would think that by standing in front of the painting the composition would come together, but it doesn’t.  By projecting paint out into space at varying levels/distances, geometry subtly imposes itself creating a situation where there is no spot from which to view the painting as a cohesive whole.  This is unsatisfying and creates discomfort, which I welcome.  Add the natural element of shadow to that and the paintings become confusing visual experiences.  When I originally conceived of and created my first “freed” paintings twenty-five years ago I did not consider the part that shadow would play in the work.  Now, with that experience, I intentionally use the subtle effects of geometry and shadow to create compositions that are visually and experientially unsettling, which I think accentuates their freshness.

The Levels Series of Freed paintings are yet another innovation afforded by the Freed Painting process, a way of exploring and expanding the discipline of Fine Art Painting in new and exciting ways.   

Levels series #1, Study in Red

Study in Red is the first in the Levels Series of Freed paintings.  It is an exploration of six hues of red existing in three-dimensional space.  This has never been done before, as far as I know, so the result is unprecedented. 

So, what are we looking at?  It isn’t varying colors of red presented on a two-dimensional plane like we are used to.  Instead, there are six, twelve-inch sections of red  hued strands of color residing in space.  Each color is an individual grouping of strands existing in its dimension, but it is also part of a larger composition comprised of six individuals all working together to make a cohesive whole.  This is unlike anything seen before, so it takes some getting used to, to appreciate the painting in both its parts and its whole.

Painting completed 2-20-22

Painting dimensions: H: 76” X W: 72” X D: 19” approximately

Levels Series #2, Study in Copper and Gold

Like its predecessor, Study in Red, Study in Copper and Gold examines varying hues of copper and gold existing in three-dimensional space interacting with each other to create a cohesive whole that is unlike anything seen before.

Painting completed 5-5-22

Painting dimensions: H: 76” X W: 72” X D: 19” approximately