Splash Series

 The Splash Series Freed paintings are cohorts of the Chandelier Series Freed paintings in that they move paint away from the wall and place it completely out into open space.  The Splash Series paintings are freer in form than the Chandelier Series paintings, foregoing their central structural element.  The Splash Series paintings look as if someone tossed paint in the air and it froze there, suspended in mid-air.  The Splash Series further expands the liberation of paint, making it look almost unrecognizable to the applied servant it once was.

Considering/Assessing these paintings requires a shift in perspective.  One must abandon the “traditional” concept of “painting”.  I am asking viewers to give up their understanding of paint as an applied medium, at the whim of the artist, and open their minds to paint as an independent entity.   

This is a new paradigm in the field of Fine Art Painting.  A new way of appreciating “painting”.  A new way of expression.  An expression that affirms paint’s identity for the first time. 

Come with me as we explore the Splash Series Freed paintings 

Splash #1


These are slabs of paint suspended, almost levitating in space.  Seven slabs of paint interacting with one another to create a unified work of art.

Nothing like this has existed before now.  Paint, liberated from the canvas surface, existing on its own in three-dimensional space, asserting its own identity, working with each other to create a cohesive composition.

Painting completed 7-20-23

Painting dimensions: H: 60” X W: 72” X D: 36” Approx.

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