Waterfall Series

My Waterfall Series Freed paintings walk the line between representation and abstraction. At first glance, the viewer is presented with paintings that look like waterfalls, but that is just a starting point. A suggestion. A jumping off point. Upon further consideration, I want viewers to see that there is another layer, another story being told. An abstract story. These are abstract paintings that don the guise of something familiar but are deeper than they appear. Multi-faceted. Multi-dimensional. Enticing.

The Waterfall Series Freed paintings are a visual and intellectual feast. The use of pearlescence gives the paintings sumptuousness. The thin densities of blues, greens and whites, nearly transparent, offer glimmers here and there hinting at the idea of falling water and mist. The long strands cascading to the floor are like a veil obscuring something. . . more.

These are paintings existing in three-dimensional space. Paint literally reaching out to the viewer, grasping, trying to grab him/her to bring him/her inside. The physicality of these paintings asserts itself in ways that are impossible to achieve with Traditional Painting methods. Intellectually, the viewer is challenged to comprehend what they are seeing. Seeing paint suspended, existing freely in three-dimensional space is a new visual experience and it requires an evolution in perception.

I invite you to immerse yourself in the splendor of my Waterfall Series paintings.

Holy Bell Falls

This painting is a tribute to my wonderful wife, Belinda. She is patient and supportive and I am blessed to have her in my life. It is difficult being an artist. I spend a lot of time and money on my work because I must, it is my essence, but that can strain a relationship and so I am thankful for her understanding and am so pleased to have her as my inspiration for this painting.

I specifically chose to work with the corners of the room on this and the Clementine painting because it highlights the flexibility that the Freed Painting process provides. Traditional painting is two-dimensional. You rarely ever see the corner of a room used for presenting a Traditional painting. Freed Painting does not suffer from that limitation, so I thought they would be compelling places for these first two paintings to take residence.

The three-tier configuration is a little static, in my opinion, so I explored rather heavy embellishment on many of the strands to add visual dynamism. I think it adds a frenetic quality that plays off the symmetry of the water flow.

Painting completed 2-23-21.

Painting dimensions: H: 96” X W: 32” X D: 22”

Clementine Falls

This painting is a tribute to my youngest niece, Clementine. Beside me, she was the only one who saw the potential that Freed Painting offered for producing the Waterfall paintings. She is very insightful when it comes to creative concepts and I have been excited making this painting with her as my inspiration. I think it will bring a smile to her face.

The strands that make up the flowing water have less embellishments on them as compared to the Holy Bell Falls painting. I wanted a simpler presentation. Not so busy. I really like the four tiers that make up this piece. I think it renders what would be a rather dynamic water flow.

I love water and so does Clementine. I relish the times when we get to swim together. Water is charged with so much symbolism. Combined with their abstract and dimensional qualities, the Waterfall paintings offer viewers a variety of paths to explore when considering these groundbreaking paintings.

Painting completed 2-23-21.
Painting dimensions: H: 96” X W: 28” X D: 24”

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