Of Heaven and Earth Series

Freed painting took paint out of a two-dimensional prison and liberated it into three-dimensional space.  The Of Heaven and Earth Series introduces physical depth and volume, expanding the three-dimensional environment in which paint resides.   

The earliest symbols made by homo sapiens were shapes, circles, squares, triangles, etc.  The shapes that make-up the Of Heaven and Earth Series of Freed paintings project out into space, exuding that ancient geometric energy. 

Strands of paint that touch the ground seem to spring from the earth.  Other strands suspended in space seem to float in heaven.  The link between heaven and earth is vital in the paintings that make up this series.  The paintings metaphorically represent the elements of heaven and earth through their physical dimension and spacious presence.

Precious Metals

In early January 2019 I produced one of my first Freed paint strand paintings, it was entitled Precious Metals.  It eventually failed because the strands did not have encapsulated strength members to provide archival durability. 

I recently began a new series of Freed paintings entitled the Of Heaven and Earth Series.  The first is a new version of Precious Metals.  What a difference three years makes! 

The Of Heaven and Earth Series of Freed paintings possess physical depth, volume, and dimension.  Some strands reach the floor appearing to have sprung from the earth, while other strands seemingly float in heaven.    

All the minerals, metals and materials found on earth originated in the heavens in the form of asteroids.  The primordial solar system teamed with metal ladened rocks and mineral rich boulders colliding into one another, coalescing, until the planets and their moons settled into the orbits we know today.  In that sense, Earth is forever bound to Heaven. 

The Of Heaven and Earth Series of Freed paintings celebrate paint’s existence in three-dimensional space.  The idea that gold, silver, and the other metals we deem precious all originated in the heavens inspired me to create this metaphoric painting.    

Painting completed 2-8-22

Painting dimensions: H: 80” X W: 48” X D: 15”



My Of Heaven and Earth Series Freed painting entitled Lava is comprised of a variety of orange hues and an acutely angled triangle.  Flowing lava is an imposing, unstoppable force.  An acutely angled triangle asserts itself, projecting itself out into space like lava projects/imposes itself upon anything in front of it.  The bold shape compliments and accentuates the orange strands that represent flowing lava.

I can recall nature programs showing lava from Kilauea volcano pouring into the ocean.  That is what I was trying to present here.  A painting that (appears to be) too hot to touch.  

Painting completed 2-25-22

Painting dimensions: H: 80” X W: 24” X D: 15”


My Of Heaven and Earth Freed painting entitled Starlight consists of silver core strands and pearl white outer strands embellished with varying pearlescent colors all meant to emulate the glow of starlight.  When we view distant stars, they project different colors telling us that they are moving either closer or farther away from us.   This color spectrum exceeds the visual spectrum and expands into the infrared and ultraviolet and beyond.  My use of varying pearlescent colors is meant to represent that broad spectrum.

The hexagon is a symbol of universal coherence and the omnipresence of consciousness.  Serendipitously, this symbology fits in nicely with my other bodies of work. 

Geometric shapes possess ancient energy because they were/are the first universally understandable images and so form the basis for written communication which in turn is the foundation upon which civilizations have been built.  

Painting completed 2-28-22

Painting dimensions: H: 80” X W: 10.5” X D: 15.5” 


Rain has an oval shape reminiscent of a cloud and the strands that pour down from the shape have shades of pearl emerald and turquoise,  metaphors for the precious liquid that falls from the sky, nourishing us.

Painting completed 3-7-22

Painting dimensions:  H: 80” X W: 20.75” X D: 18.5”

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