Clairvoyant Series

Clairvoyance is, “the ability to perceive matters beyond the range of ordinary perception”. 

The paintings in the Clairvoyant Series are quite literally foretelling the future (of Fine Art painting).  The Freed Painting process allows for the production of transparent paintings.  Transparent paintings were inconceivable prior to the development of the Freed Painting process.  The use of transparency to render my interpretation of concepts related to the super natural and extra sensory perception presents unprecedented opportunities to produce revolutionary paintings that previously never existed. Transparency infuses the paintings with a quality of existence and non-existence simultaneously.  A synergy of something to look at and nothing to look at.  The medium dovetails with the subject matter so beautifully, it is as if they were made for one another.  Add to this the presence in three-dimensional space and viewers have the opportunity to consider these paintings in ways not previously possible.

The Clairvoyant Series explores ancient, mystical concepts that artists have been grappling with throughout history in a revolutionary new way.  They pay homage to such great paintings as Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” and Caravaggio’s “Conversion of St. Paul”, but then they move past them. 

The next evolutionary step in the discipline of painting.  Forging new paths of expression.


Oneiromancy is a form of divination that uses dream interpretation to foretell the future. This is the first of my Clairvoyant Series of Freed Paintings to use transparent acrylic paint/medium to render its subject. Transparent paint suspended freely in three-dimensional space seems the ideal medium for tackling such abstract concepts.  

Many strands have simple, abstract glyphs adorning them. Hard to see, but a treat for observant viewers who take the time to LOOK at the painting.  

This painting, true to its name, is my dream for a new chapter, a new renaissance in the discipline of Fine Art Painting where the possibilities of Freed Painting lead the way.  

Painting completed 09-2019 

Painting dimensions: H: 72″ X W: 72″


Clairvoyant is the second of my transparent paintings in the Clairvoyant Series. Completed in September of 2019, I explored the use of a translucent, pearlescent lilac paint to render the subject. The combination of transparency and translucency along with a tint of color resulted in a veil-like quality that I felt perfectly captured the essence of the painting’s subject.  

A person having the supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact seems to me to be someone who can lift the veil of our feeble existence to reveal the possibilities of our true reality. In this painting, the veil is there before us, waiting for us to lift it and witness our potential.  

Painting completed 09-2019 

Painting dimensions: H: 72″ X W: 72″

Fortune Teller

Third of the transparent Freed Paintings of the Clairvoyant Series, Fortune Teller is reminiscent of Oneiromancy in its use of transparent strands, but in this painting the strands are featureless and some tinted strands have been added. Completed in October of 2019, this successful experiment opened the way to future paintings using varying densities of tint in transparent acrylic medium to render colored strands that still retain their transparent quality.  

Fortune Teller formulated in my mind as a kind of abacus or tally. The sins and graces of each person being weighed, deciding their fate. I think the linear aspect of the piece conveys a cold, rigid, judgmental energy. 

Painting completed 10-2019 

Painting dimensions: H: 72″ X W: 72″

Shaman (Trance)

Shaman (Trance) produced in May and completed in early June 2020 was a successful experiment using clear acrylic paint strands as a foundation  for a top layer built up in rows of twisting, flowing strands of deeply tinted, clear acrylic paint. The finished piece is a chaotic, psychedelic visual corridor that guides the viewer to the heart of the painting. There, at the transparent core, the viewer is jettisoned into the realm of their imagination.  

Shaman (Trance) is part of the Clairvoyant Series and is intended to have a frenetic quality, simulating the writhing, hallucinogenic journey that shamans experience as they travel into the beyond. The painting acts as a portal to the infinite, inviting the brave to join him on that ultimate journey.  

Painting completed 6-5-2020 

Painting dimensions: H: 72″ X W: 72″


Oracle was completed in early June 2020. It is intended to act as a medium through which divine advice can be sought. Multi-faceted perspectives often co-exist when we seek “truth”. The varying tint densities and hues within each band of color are meant to highlight that diversity.  The transparent quality of the medium existing freely in three-dimensional space emphasizes the underlying supernatural concept of the piece.  

Oracle is the first Freed Painting in the Clairvoyant Series of transparent paintings where I poured the tinted clear medium to encapsulate the strength members. The technique renders strands that seem more fluid or “stream” like, as opposed to my original strands which seem more “twig” or “branch” like. The technique expands the ways of exploring and rendering subjects through the Freed Painting process.  

Painting completed 6-10-2020 

Painting dimensions: H: 72″ X W: 72″


Completed in early June of 2020, Visionary is another in the Clairvoyant Series. Reminiscent of Oneiromancy, its clear strands have been “bombed” with blobs of varying iridescent colors creating a kind of transparent universe. In fact, the Ultra Deep Field image produced by the  Hubble Space Telescope in 2003/2004 was the inspiration for the painting. Astronomy fascinates me. The work of Edwin Hubble redefined our understanding of the universe. It is my hope that my painting, Visionary (and the rest of my Freed Paintings) will help redefine Fine Art Painting.  

Painting completed 6-5-2020 

Painting dimensions: H: 72″ W: 72″


My painting entitled Prophecy is loosely based on the apocalyptic prophecies of Jeremiah from the Old Testament.  

Clear strands become increasingly murky and grey, finally turning black, like a storm rolling in.  

Painting completed 8-5-2020 

Painting dimensions: H: 72″ X W: 72″


One could rightly ask why a painting about the mythic tale of Icarus is included in the Clairvoyant series.  

My reasoning is as follows: The Clairvoyant Series paintings explore elevated perspectives/states of being. In order to evolve spiritually, we must understand the impediment(s) to that evolution. The personal and collective ego of humanity is the obstacle.  The Icarus tale reminds us of the frailties of the human ego. Hubris leading to destruction. It is for that reason that I include the Icarus painting to the series, awareness of our current state is the only way to overcome it and aspire to higher levels of consciousness and existence.  

Painting completed 9-23-2020 

Painting dimensions: H: 72″ X W: 72″


Based on the success of my Purple Haze painting, I proceeded to tackle a larger painting consisting of a continuous sheet of tinted transparent paint and encapsulated strength members.  This painting completed in early July 2020 covers an area of 12 ft. length X 6 ft. width. The painting is entitled, Omniscient.    

Omniscient is loosely based on the original Star Trek series episode entitled,  “Metamorphosis”. The entity in the episode is called, “The Companion” and its transparent quality with dancing colors inspired this piece. It seemed an interesting vehicle for examining the concept of omniscience through the medium of my Freed Painting process. 

Omniscience means “all knowing” and carries with it a “god-like” connotation.  A precursor of my God and Deity paintings (which omit color), this painting is a harbinger of things to come.  Proving that a continuous sheet of paint could be suspended in three-dimensional space (with the support of encapsulated strength member), this painting lays the foundation for my God and Deity paintings which are meant to be hung from the ceiling and viewed in round – 360 degree viewing.   

Painting completed 7-4-2020

Painting dimensions: H: 72″ X W: 72″


My painting entitled God was completed in September 2020 and then reworked in May 2021. It is intended to be hung from the ceiling and viewed in the round – 360 degree viewing. It may be the best depiction of the abstract concept of God yet produced by artist’s hands, capturing its essence. It may also be the most important transparent painting in the Clairvoyant Series to date. The transparent quality of the painting allows the viewer to see through it, beyond it, evoking the omnipresent aspect of God, yet simultaneously it shows nothing at all, it is elusive, another aspect of God. In fact, it is a paradox and an enigma. It is both “there” and “not there”. Something to look at, but also nothing to look at. It is up to the viewer to decide whether the painting is a revelation, or emptiness. Either way, it is provocative.

For such an abstract subject, the painting itself is quite simple, made up only of clear acrylic medium, pearlescent tint and encapsulated strength members that provide archival durability. The irony of such simple materials being used to render an image of something so grand is not lost on me. In fact, it is perfect.

Painting completed 9-13-2020 Reworked 5-20-2021

Painting dimensions: H: 72″ X W: 72″


Deity is (nearly) identical to my God painting completed in September 2020 and reworked May 2021. Deity is made up of a blend of clear acrylic mediums and iridescent tint supported by encapsulated strength members. The difference is subtle, but Deity possess a different kind of glimmer. Deity was also produced in a different way, so the surface finish is different from my God painting.

Deity is meant to be hung in the middle of the room from the ceiling to be viewed in the round – 360 degrees. Its surface quality yields a ghostly effect. This adds that ambiguous aspect of being something to look at and nothing to look at simultaneously. I think this mystery perfectly captures the concept of this painting. When you consider a supreme being, the moment you begin describing him/her/it, you lose it because it cannot be labeled. That is how I want viewers to react to my entire Clairvoyant Series paintings.

Painting completed 1-12-2021 Reworked 5-18-2021  

Painting dimensions: H: 72″ X W: 72″


Divination began its life in January 2021 entitled Divinity but changed direction in late-March 2021. Divination is made up of repeating color tinted transparent ribbons/stripes that are intended to represent chanting or incantation.  Repeated prayers/chants are integral to many religious practices, focusing energy with positive intention for favorable response to petitions by the higher powers.    

Repeated prayers/chanting creates a mental state that opens a portal to higher states if one is open to it.  The use of repeating color tinted transparent ribbons/stripes is an intriguing way of examining and interpreting the supernatural practice of divination.  Divination is an esoteric practice that is difficult to comprehend and yet humans have been turning to it for answers for hundreds of years. Elusive and mesmerizing, the ability to perceive future events before they happen has been a valued commodity throughout the ages.  Even today we are captivated by the possibilities.

This painting and the others of the Clairvoyant Series are sign posts for what is to come.  Revolutionary departures from Traditional paintings, Freed Painting offers an alternative avenue of expression that never existed before and provides a new language for discussing mysterious subjects that artists have been grappling with for ages in a new way.  

Divinity Painting completed: 1-29-2021

Title changed to Divination: 3-21-21

Divination Painting completed: 5-23-21 

Painting dimensions: H: 72″ X W: 72″


In mid-February 2021 I completed my Clairvoyant Series transparent Freed painting entitled Wisdom. In color symbology, purple symbolizes the quality of wisdom. I have included a painting exploring the virtue of wisdom in this series because I believe wisdom should be a virtue humanity aspires to. A path guided by wisdom is a true path worth travelling.

“Wisdom” isn’t necessarily an attribute of “intelligence” or “extrasensory perception”, but it is an attribute of evolved consciousness, compassion, self-awareness and authenticity and I believe that this virtue must begin guiding human decision making if humanity is to survive into the distant future and is why this piece is included in the Clairvoyant Series.

This painting combines transparency with varying hues and densities of purple, accentuating both the visual and physical depth of this dynamic painting. Transparency is an ideal medium for exploring an enigmatic subject like “wisdom”. It can be described, but there is no solid example.

Each time I work on a painting that includes the quality of transparency I bring the experience from working on previous paintings to the new piece. I feel that I blended varying densities of color and transparency nicely in this painting and it conveys the regal and abstract qualities of “wisdom” well.

Painting completed 2-12-2021 

Painting dimensions: H: 72″ X W: 72″


Prognosticator pays homage to Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings, but then takes a couple steps beyond them. Firstly, is the absence of the canvas. This is liberation on another level. This and all Freed paintings possess a quality of freedom that is impossible to convey using Traditional methods. Secondly, is the use of transparency and varying densities of tint that adds hints of color and pearlescent glimmer that imbues the painting with an ethereal quality.

Conceptually, a prognosticator reminds me of a meteorologist forecasting the weather. The swirling strands of the painting, reminiscent of weather pattern models.

The ebb and flow of joining and separating transparent and lightly tinted strands produces a web like cloud that seems to float yet has dimension and density that must be seen to be appreciated.

Painting completed 3-5-2021

Painting dimensions: H: 72″ X W: 72″


A sage is a person who does not (necessarily) foresee the future. Rather, he/she is a person who lives their life rooted in presence and wisdom and sets the example for ideal “living”. It is my belief that the only way that humanity will persist is if we shed our greed-based systems and develop global compassion-based systems to replace them. “Sage” individuals will be the ones who will drive this evolutionary process. In that respect, they are/will be shapers of our future world and for that reason I include Sage in my Clairvoyant Series of Freed transparent paintings.

To be honest, I am not quite sure what I have created with my Sage painting. I embellished each strand with a multitude of thin transparent ribbons interspersed with a few thin ribbons of gold. Together, the entire piece reminds me of a multi-dimensional cloud-like cloak. A “sage” individual, to me, is a person who has shed the shell of ego and assumed the mantle of authenticity, accountability and honesty. They have become evolved (human) beings. This evolved quality is symbolized by transparency and emphasized by the highly valuable property that gold represents.

Our lives are a transitional, evolutionary process, if we choose to be open to the often-difficult lessons that life throws at us. Many choose to harden themselves and carry the baggage of anger and resentment, blaming others for the load they bear. A few choose the unfamiliar yet liberating option of unburdening themselves and embrace self-compassion. The cultivation of self-compassion leads to compassion for others and their situations. This painting represents a “sage” cloak that any of us can don when we choose to assume the evolved attitude of compassion. 

Painting completed 3-14-2021 

Painting dimensions: H: 72″ X W: 72″


Psychic harkens back to my first Clairvoyant Series painting, Oneiromancy, in that it consists solely of transparent strands. Psychic is a collection of transparent strands all embellished with branching arms reminiscent of neural pathways.

Psych is intended to depict a kind of transparent brain. Transparency is the ideal medium for representing that which is beyond “human perception”. A “transparent brain” symbolizes higher level perceptive function. That is what the Clairvoyant Series is all about, examining evolved levels of perception and possible human futures. If humanity is to persist into the distant future, perceptive evolution must take place.

Painting completed 3-21-2021

Painting dimensions: H: 72″ X W: 72″


A Soothsayer foresees the future, but the future is shaped by every action we take here and now. This painting combines transparent strands and strands tinted with varying densities of blue and green to create a kind of visual tunnel intended to draw the viewer into the piece, much like my Shaman (Trance) painting. Each strand is embellished with many shorter strands, each representing a choice or action that shapes a possible future. In a way it echoes a theory that some physicists subscribe to that every one of our possible choices/actions is played out in an infinite number of alternate universes. In this case, one painting containing, revealing a multitude of possible futures.

I chose the colors green and blue because I find them soothing and thought they complimented the word, “soothsayer” nicely. Once again, the strands existence in three-dimensional space combined with varying densities of transparency gives this painting a quality of dimension and liberation that is unmatched by paintings made using “Traditional” methods.

Painting completed 4-7-2021 

Painting dimensions: H: 72″ X W: 72″


I applied a variety of transparent colors in varying densities onto transparent strands to produce my Freed painting entitled Seer.  The result looks like an autumn leaf or stained-glass windows.  In the case of the leaf, it makes me think of all that a leaf must endure before it finally falls from the tree and give way.  When you pick up an autumn leaf that has just fallen from a tree, you are holding a time capsule, a kernel of wisdom.  What has that leaf seen?  In the case of stained glass-windows I imagine all the light that has passed through them.  Abundance on sunny days and hardly any on gloomy ones.  Again, the thought crosses my mind, “what have these windows seen”?  This is what I wanted to explore with this subject in this painting.  I tried to put myself in the mind of someone with extra-sensory perception and imagine the gift and burden it must be to possess that supernatural ability.  The ability must be like being able to see through things, people, situations. . . Unnerving.  To capture that as an artist is a difficult task, but with the ability to use and manipulate transparent mediums/paints, the challenge becomes less daunting and the result so stunning.

The Freed paintings of the Clairvoyant Series examine the supernatural concept of extra-sensory perception through the use of transparent mediums/paints.  Each painting comes at the subject from a different perspective. Some are grand and try to explore/reveal links to higher levels of consciousness, which I think humanity so dearly needs.  Others, like Seer, take a more grounded approach.  What is here before us that if we just took notice would inform us of higher levels of being.  The opportunities are all around us.  We need only to open our eyes to see them.

Painting completed 4-12-2021

Painting dimensions: H: 72″ X W: 72″


Mystic is the third Freed painting in the Clairvoyant Series to use a pouring process to produce the strands that make up the painting.  The first two were Oracle and Prophesy.  I love how the strands fading density of gold color look liquid, as if each strand is a “snapshot” of a flowing stream of color.  It gives the painting a sense of fluidity that I can only describe as sumptuous and exquisite.

Mystic is like Icarus in visual format in that they each have cores that emanate out.  In the case of Icarus, the core is the sun fading to the edges.  With Mystic, it is an exhalation.  There is a Buddhist practice called tonglen where you inhale the ills, sadness and pain of your fellow man and exhale joy and compassion out into the world.  That is what this painting is about.  A mystic seeing a joyous future and from his golden core exhaling goodwill and compassion out to all humanity.  That is what I want to say with this painting.

Painting completed 4-30-2021 

Painting dimensions: H: 72″ X W: 72″


Supernatural completes my Clairvoyant Series of Freed transparent paintings with a flourish.  It is exuberant and overflowing.  The painting expresses a hint of Pollock, but then bounds past that thought when you realize that there is no canvas.  This is Freed Painting in full glory.  Paint strands of varying densities of color and transparency coalesce, intermingling like multi-colored spaghetti floating in air.  The painting quite literally defies comprehension.  It IS supernatural in its ability to defy gravity.  How does this painting exist?  That is the question viewers will be asking.  And that is the essence of this series.  Questioning reality.  Questioning the norm.  Opening to alternatives and higher levels of awareness.

Painting completed 5-11-2021

Painting dimensions: H: 72″ X W: 72″

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